Hey there, wanna know more about me — I graduated in 2022 from a Master in digital and technological transformation expertise. I've been a freelance for 5 years, collecting multiple experiences in design agencies and startups.  

My expertise and skills in key words
Product design, UX/UI Design, User Research, Prototyping
Graphic Design, Visual Identity

If you are looking for a Product Designer with visual identity skills, you are in the right place. I graduated in 2022 from the Grand Ecole Master of HETIC (Haute Ecole des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication) in Paris. But my working experience starts back in 2019 when I created my own business, then, I have been working for different companies and agency all around the world.

Working experience as freelancer - 5 years
Intern Creative Designer at April Advertising in Saigon, Vietnam - From March to August 2020
Product Designer at Clint Agency in Paris, France - From June 2021 to January 2023

Working with me as an individual

  • You need to see your project come to life quickly
  • You are looking for recommendations and initiatives
  • You need a clear vision on the project roadmap and progress updates
  • You like fluid communication throughout online meetings to make sure the project is going on the right direction
  • You want a realist and impactful product
  • You want someone who will make itself available in the future to keep improving your product

When it comes to bringing your project to life, you seek efficiency and speed. You're looking for valuable recommendations and actionable initiatives. Particularly, you need expertise in wireframes, UI design, and prototyping. Clarity is paramount for you, especially in terms of the project roadmap and progress updates. You thrive on fluid communication through online meetings to ensure everything is on track. Your ultimate goal is to develop a realistic and impactful product, whether it be an MVP or a fully-fledged solution. Additionally, you value ongoing support and availability for continuous improvements in the future.

Selected work for individuals

Working with me as an organization

Finding the right partner to collaborate on your project is essential. You need someone who can swiftly grasp your product and working processes, enabling you to accelerate production or lighten the load on your design team. Seeking a fresh eye for recommendations and initiatives to improve your product, particularly in areas like User Experience, User Interface Design.

If these points resonate with you, I believe I could be a good fit for your needs. With my experience working multiple times within the freelance-organization framework, I am confident that I can bring valuable expertise to support your project's success.

  • You want someone who quickly understands your product and working processes
  • You need to speed up your production or lift some weight from your designers
  • You are looking for someone who can give you recommendations and initiatives to better your product
  • You are looking for new insights from the fresh point of view of trained and experienced eyes
Selected work for organizations

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